Mercury House: Your Ultimate Cinematic Canvas in Romford

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Nestled in the heart of Romford stands a cinematic gem waiting to be discovered by filmmakers seeking the perfect backdrop for their next project. Mercury House, formerly the council offices, is a filming location that promises versatility, character, and panoramic city vistas.



A Historic Canvas

Once the bustling nerve centre of town affairs, Mercury House now presents a unique opportunity for filmmakers. The building’s history and evolution lend themselves to various settings, from sleek corporate offices for documentary backdrops to retro-inspired spaces ideal for period dramas or futuristic thrillers.

Versatile Spaces

With 12 floors of nearly vacant offices, Mercury House offers an expansive and adaptable canvas. Transform these spacious, empty offices into the setting for your film’s pivotal scenes. Whether it’s a bustling workspace, an abandoned corporate floor, or a clandestine meeting place, the possibilities are endless.

The building’s charm extends beyond its spacious offices. The communal kitchen areas, adorned with vibrant colours, provide a striking contrast to the otherwise empty floors, adding depth and character to each scene. The 60s/70s brutalist entrance and reception evoke a sense of nostalgia, easily doubling as a police station lobby or a governmental office.



The Sky’s the Limit

Ascend to the rooftop, standing tall at 57 meters—the tallest in Havering—and treat your audience to a breathtaking panoramic vista of the city’s skyline. Capture stunning views of the sprawling urban landscape, a backdrop that adds a touch of grandeur to any film.



Accessible and Ready

Conveniently located and offering furnished spaces on the 3rd and 4th floors, Mercury House streamlines your filming experience. The building is lift-accessible makes transporting equipment a breeze, while the available desks and chairs on the 4th floor serve as ready-to-use sets.



Book Your Filming Adventure

Contact us today to explore the possibilities and book Mercury House as the backdrop for your next project. Unlock the potential of this iconic building and elevate your film to new heights amid the urban setting of Romford. To learn more reach out to the Havering Film Office at or by calling 020 7620 0391.