Discovering Iconic ‘City’ Filming Locations in Islington

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Islington Film Office proudly presents the allure of two distinct streets that stand as prime choices for ‘city-style’ streets: Bunhill Row and Ropemaker Street. Amongst the wide range of squares, markets and housing estates that Islington offers, we also have numerous locations that work perfectly for ‘City’ briefs.

Bunhill Row:

Nestled in the vibrant borough of Islington, Bunhill Row is a quintessentially London street that encapsulates the visuals of Central London. Steeped in history, this location blends the old-world elegance of Georgian architecture to the north with the contemporary aesthetic of modern buildings to the South. Easily facilitated with Finsbury Square Unit Base in the nearby vicinity get in touch if you would like to discuss more.



Ropemaker Street: High-Rise style location

We have also had numerous large-scale productions film on Ropemaker Street, a contemporary area nestled in the heart of Central London. This street is a prime example of the city’s ever-evolving architectural landscape with architecturally unique buildings either side.

Ropemaker Street stands tall with its sleek glass facades and cutting-edge design. The juxtaposition of modern skyscrapers against the London skyline creates a visual spectacle that will confidently locate your film in Central London.



Traffic Management Friendly:

Efficiency meets aesthetics on Bunhill Row and Ropemaker Street, making them ideal choices for film productions. These location are a prime option for Location Managers looking for a logistically viable street with good unit base options.

Islington Film Office takes pride in offering a one-stop solution for location managers scouting for the perfect backdrop. Our commitment to facilitating a seamless filming experience, coupled with the diverse charm of Bunhill Row and the modern allure of Ropemaker Street, makes us your go-to partner for sourcing your next iconic location.

If either of these options are of interest please do not hesitate to get in touch via or 020 7247 1244.