Unlocking Ideal Unit Base Locations for Location Managers in Camden

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For Location Managers in the bustling heart of Camden, the quest for reliable unit base locations can be a paramount concern. Ensuring a suitable and efficient setup for parking technical vehicles is no small feat in a city as dynamic as London. Fortunately, Camden provides a solution with two main unit base options catering to the needs of location managers and film crews.

Lincoln’s Inn Field: The Central Hub

One of the primary unit base locations in Camden is Lincoln’s Inn Field, strategically positioned at the heart of the borough. This unit base offers a versatile solution for parking technical vehicles, providing space for a moderate number of large vehicles. Its central location makes it a preferred choice for many productions, as it offers proximity to various filming locations and a well-connected network of roads and transportation options.



Russell Square: Flexible Parking Bays

In addition to Lincoln’s Inn Field, Camden offers a secondary unit base at Russell Square. This unit base is equipped with a unique feature that sets it apart – suspended parking bays around the square and on Malet Street. These suspended bays provide flexible parking options for technical vehicles, ensuring accessibility and convenience for your production needs.



Additional Options: Red Lion Square

For those looking for extra parking solutions in close proximity to their chosen filming location, Red Lion Square is a hidden gem. Not only does it offer convenient parking, but it’s also a captivating filming location in its own right. The picturesque setting and architectural charm of Red Lion Square can add a unique visual dimension to your production.

Tailored Terms and Conditions

The specific terms and conditions for utilizing these unit bases may vary, so it’s crucial for Location Managers to get in touch directly to discuss their individual requirements. The flexibility of these locations allows for customization to meet the specific needs of your production, from short-term arrangements to longer periods of use.

Your Camden Unit Base Solution

Camden, with its vibrant energy and diverse array of locations, is a prime destination for film and television production. However, the logistical challenge of parking technical vehicles can be a hurdle. The unit base locations at Lincoln’s Inn Field and Russell Square provide a reliable and convenient solution for Location Managers to overcome this challenge and facilitate a seamless production process.

To explore the suitability of these unit bases for your upcoming project and to discuss the specific terms and conditions, we encourage Location Managers to reach out. Camden’s unit base options offer practical and reliable solutions for parking technical vehicles, ensuring that your production runs smoothly in the heart of this dynamic borough. Whether you choose Lincoln’s Inn Field, Russell Square, or the additional parking at Red Lion Square, Camden has you covered.