Summer of Rockets – cold war returns to London streets

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Summer of Rockets May 19 littleislandproductions

Summer of Rockets, Stephen Poliakoff’s semi-autobiographical Cold War BBC drama about a Russian-born Jewish inventor recalls a turbulent period of British history.

FilmFixer manages the film offices in Southwark and Islington where scenes were brought to life.

Southwark Film Office oversaw shoots in Iliffe Street and Peacock Street.  Its terraced townhouses with ornate arches and red pillars provided the ideal setting for a number of exterior shots. A phone box from the period and vintage cars were added to transport viewers back to the 1950s.

Islington Film Office managed the closure of Dingley Place, Nelson Passage and Clerkenwell Close, where exterior factory scenes were filmed.

The Islington Film officer ensured that the shoot, unlike the action on-screen, was drama-free with no major impact on local residents and businesses.

Little Island Productions also made generous donations to Pullen’s Estate TRA in Southwark and Priory House sheltered accommodation in Islington.

Summer of Rockets has received critical acclaim since it aired and FilmFixer are delighted to have contributed to this success, while at the same time passing on benefits to local residents.