Slashing zombies in Clerkenwell

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The new Jane Austen slash zombie mashup turned to a gruesome London location for some of its key action sequences.

Opening this weekend, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is a gleeful undead parody of the period drama.

Shot with a big cast and crew of 100, The House of Detention in Clerkenwell, Islington doubles as the tunnel and entrance to both the heroine and hero’s homes – Longbourne and Netherfield. It also features in some of the key fight scenes.

You’ll recognise the moody exposed brick of the catacombs in the trailer, take a look here.

The former prison has been the backdrop to many films, including Suffragette, in which the heroines were brutally force fed.

In this twist on the Austen tale, Bingley and his entourage head to the safety of London, which has been CGIed into a grisly walled fortress.

And Austen’s prose is merrily mashed up with lines such as Elizabeth complaining of Darcy, “You are as unfeeling as the undead!”