London pub and tower block play Grimsby locations in Sacha Baron Cohen’s return to the big screen

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Sacha Baron Cohen hits cinemas this month in spy spoof Grimsby. He plays a football fan with a good heart very little nous.

In the US, the film will be released as The Brothers Grimsby next month. His long-lost brother (Mark Strong), is a deadly MI6 agent; he has a gorgeous wife (Rebel Wilson) and 11 children.

London loves to multi-task, so for some key scenes in this film, Plaistow doubles as the North East town lending its name to the film. The Army & Navy pub on New Barn Street plays The Trawler – proclaiming the top secret agent’s return with a banner across the front reading “Welcome home Grimsby’s very own spy Shh!”

Stubbs Point tower block next door also features, with characters shouting from the windows and showering the baddies with projectiles at one point.

You’ll see the pub and tower block in the trailer here.

Karen Everett is a director at FilmFixer, which managed local authority permissions and co-operation across the neighbourhood, to make the shoot possible. She says, “London is no stranger to hosting a romp, and on this occasion it was Plaistow’s turn.

“The shoot was only possible thanks to extensive resident consultation and support along with co-ordination across neighbouring organisations – including the Met Police Film Office and West Ham United.

“West Ham was able to provide extra parking for both the production and local residents. This was a significant shoot, with 100 cast and crew over two days in June 2014. It’s a brilliant example of businesses and residents working together to welcome filming. We hope everyone enjoys the comic outcome.”

With the support of Southwark Film Office, also managed by FilmFixer, Southwark Bridge Road was used for a car chase that heads over Southwark Bridge, toward the City of London.