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Most popular girls’ school

Fame, St Trinian’s, even Chef could all have done with a location like this: the Camden School for Girls has opened its doors to filming outside school hours. With summer holidays just around the corner, get in quick and book up this idiosyncratic space.

Its original Victorian architecture includes old-fashioned science labs and a lovely bell tower. The modern buildings throw in music studios and great performance spaces, dressmaking studios, a pottery, gymnasium, and a Sixth Form common area with pool tables. Cook up your next foodie show in the industrial kitchen. And outside, there’s a beloved old Mulberry tree in the small garden.

Wide corridors, the variety of rooms and breadth of space lends itself to myriad backdrops, from being dressed as a hospital or doctor’s waiting room, to just about any type of large institution.

Take a look here for more information.

Medieval surprise

Go down to the woods today – just half an hour’s drive from Central London – and find yourself amid extensive medieval ruins to boot.

Cadfael himself would immediately detect Lesnes Abbey’s ruins as Cistercian, late twelfth-century. But he’d be surprised by an incongruous view of the Thamesmead Estate, where Misfits is shot, and the City in the distance.

Surrounded by woodlands, heathland and a fossil bed – this wonderful woods in Bexley provides more moody space than you could wish for.

More information here.

From Dilbert to David Brent – we’ve got the office for you

London might be bursting with office space, but it’s always full of office staff – unless you head out to Davis House. Here we can provide you with a whole floor, fully dressed, at all hours – even nine to five.

With an open-plan layout, spanking new strip lighting, desks, chairs and filing cabinets all on hand, David Brent couldn’t feel more at home. There’s a separate office suite, lift access, electricity supply, air conditioning and on-site parking – making the space a good option for production as well.

It’s in the heart of Croydon and easily accessible. Here’s some more information.