The Honourable Woman features the twists and turns of our London streets

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Islington, Lambeth, Camden and Southwark all play roles in BBC2’s new drama starting tomorrow night, The Honourable Woman.

Starring Maggie Gyllenhaal as Nessa Stein, the eight-part thriller follows a British businesswoman through her dealings, amid the conflict, in the Middle East.

Although her father was an arms manufacturer, Stein is an idealist who has moved his company into telecommunications to try and unite Palestine and Israel.

With almost as many twists and turns as The Knowledge test for London cabbies, much of the series was filmed in the capital last year. The production team worked admirably alongside residents’ groups to minimise disruption.

In particular, Islington scenes were shot in Dingley Place, with the support of the Lagonier House Residents’ Association. And In Lambeth, the team filmed in St Barnabas Villas, St Stevens Terrace, Albert Square and the Mursell estate, working closely with Albert Square and Mursell Estate residents.

Here’s the trailer, to the mini series – which starts at 9pm.