Boldly filming in chilly ponds – new ad brought us a smile

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This new Halifax advertisement asking, “now who’s smiling” brought a grin to our faces – as we organised the Blackheath locations, in our client borough of Lewisham.

The team really did, “boldly go where others fear to tread,” shooting wedding scenes in and on the pond in the middle of winter, back in January.

You’ll see the photographer character in waders, holding her camera above the water line; and the brave wedding characters posing in a canoe, with the church behind them.

Gaining permission to film actors getting in an out of the water can often be complicated but Lewisham Council’s parks team were extremely efficient in helping to manage all the approvals necessary.

On behalf of Lewisham Council, FilmFixer really enjoyed arranged these tricky wedding photography scenes, along with the scene involving the man who needs a cap over his head. We have to agree, the filmmakers really didn’t take a bad picture… despite the wet and chilly conditions.

Take a look at the advertisement here.