Location of the Month – a rare old clink

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Bad Girls, Buried, Oz, Prison Break – from the thrilling to the ridiculous, we all love a good drama set in the nick, and FilmFixer has the perfect location for the next helping (of Porridge). It’s only available until August – so we’re rushing it out as a Location of the Month.

Parker House was built as a Victorian workhouse in Holborn, Camden for Covent Garden’s market hands. It was one of the first buildings set out in wings with prison style central atriums. There are three wings and three internal courtyards.

Bars, cells and moody walkways all create the penal look. And the offices, bathrooms and kitchens on hand are available as extra sets.

Take a look here to get a better picture of the space.

So, if you’re filming the next Shawshank Redemption or Midnight Express, give us a call and let’s book you in fast.