Camden’s Prettiest Streets

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Camden is a borough known for its eclectic and vibrant atmosphere. Amidst the bustling markets and trendy boutiques, there exists a hidden gem that transports you back in time. Woburn Walk and Duke’s Road, with their cobblestone streets and charming period shops, offer a delightful journey into the past.

Woburn Walk, often referred to as “London’s prettiest mews street,” is a captivating enclave frozen in time. Nestled just a stone’s throw away from Euston Station, this picturesque alleyway has retained its 19th-century charm. The period-style shopfronts are a sight to behold, with their vintage signage, antique lamps, and floral displays, you find yourself in an era when horse-drawn carriages were a common sight. The shopkeepers take pride in maintaining the historical authenticity of their stores, and you can find a range of unique treasures within these quaint establishments.

At the end of Woburn Walk lies Duke’s Road, another treasure trove of period charm in the heart of Camden. Duke’s Road exudes a different kind of charm with its tree-lined streets and Georgian-style architecture with townhouses and wrought-iron railings.

Both streets are a delightful departure from the modern world, offering visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the charm of a bygone era. These period shopping streets transport you to a time when life moved at a slower pace and craftsmanship and aesthetics were paramount and can be seen in the upcoming third series of everyone’s favourite period drama Bridgerton.

Eagle eyed viewers may well have spotted these streets in Disney’s Cruella – when Jasper and Horace dognap The Baroness’ dalmatians.

Other productions shot in this area include Eddie Redmayne film The Aeronauts, sci-fi television drama The Nevers, Netflix smash hit Behind Her Eyes and Batman origin series Pennyworth.