A Night of Music in Islington

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The world-renowned Jonas Brothers recently visited the quaint St John Square in Islington to shoot their latest music video, ‘Waffle House.’ In a nighttime shoot that showcased the square’s cinematic charm, the trio brought their signature style to the streets of London.

A Night of Music in Islington

Islington, with its increasingly film-friendly reputation, once again served as an appealing backdrop for a major music video via the Jonas Brothers’ creative endeavour. Over the course of the night shoot, St John Square was transformed into a dance stage that radiated energy.

A temporary road closure ensured that the square remained exclusive to the Jonas Brothers and their crew. A camera crane was employed to capture each step of the trio’s dance routine, capturing their performance for the popular music video.



Enhancing the Cinematic Experience

In the world of music videos, cinematic appeal is paramount. To achieve this, a “wet down” technique was employed, subtly elevating the visual allure of the square. The play of neon lights reflected off the cobbled streets, heightening the ambiance to perfectly complement the Jonas Brothers’ musical rhythm.

A Touch of Nostalgia

The music video also featured an array of vintage cars, each parked within the road closure. These classic automobiles added a touch of nostalgia and elegance, harmonizing seamlessly with the Jonas Brothers’ artistic vision.



Islington: A Hub of Creativity

Islington’s reputation as a welcoming location for creative endeavours remains steadfast. Its picturesque streets and dynamic atmosphere continue to attract filmmakers and artists alike across diverse genres.

Anticipating ‘Waffle House’

As the Jonas Brothers delivered an engaging performance in St John Square, the wonderful architecture of Islington became an integral part of their music video. Throughout the shoot the use of a “wet-down” and well used lighting created a colourful music video with a vibrant atmosphere.