The Sandman

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It’s been a 30 year wait for a TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Sandman’, but the Netflix show has had critics drooling, with the Guardian saying the director had created “2022’s single greatest TV drama.”

​Episode 8 of the dark and engrossing drama features Lincoln’s Inn Fields, in the FilmFixer London borough of Camden.

​Look out for the legal landmark In a sequence that begins 30 minutes in. The character Rose Walker, who is a Dream Vortex, encounters the Sandman, has a discussion with him about her ability to enter the dreams of others and then crosses the road and enters the park itself.

​The street and park double for an American street, and production briefly stopped traffic and pedestrians for up to three minutes while the camera was rolling. The sequence also featured a nude scene which was fully shielded from members of the public, with the crew using mobile screens on the road and multiple screens in the park to guarantee privacy.

​Location marshalls were positioned around the park to answer any questions from the public about the shoot.

​The production also filmed multiple scenes inside the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn which was used as the unit base.