Bringing home baby

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Three films on, and Bridget Jones is still living above the quirky Globe Tavern in Southwark’s Borough Market.

FilmFixer manages the Film Office for Southwark, along with Camden and Islington. FilmFixer director Andrew Pavord has worked with Bridget Jones in Southwark right from the start.

“It’s not a Bridget Jones film without Renee Zellweger tucked up in Southwark,” he says. “And she’s always very welcome. I think to locals, Bridget is considered one of them – very much a part of the neighbourhood.

“As local as the character feels though, there is no getting away from the fact that this is a very big production. I’m always proud that Southwark is able to accommodate as many as 200 cast and crew with very minimal disruption.

“And long may it last. Now the baby is here, we’re hoping Bridget Jones will be looking for good schools, with a view to staying on.”

This time around, some of Bridget’s funniest scenes also play out in Camden and Islington.

The fatherhood of Bridget Jones’s baby was never going to be a straightforward matter, as the trailer shows…

When it takes both candidates to carry Bridget to hospital in labour, they pitch up at University College London in Camden. And a load of capering also goes on in St Pancras International station.

After filming moved to Highbury Fields in Islington, the production made a kind donation to the Highbury Roundhouse Youth and Community Centre to support their brilliant work. Locals might recognise Highbury Terrace homes in the shoot, and some interiors were filmed in Highbury Place.

But, just as when Bridget Jones hit the big screen for the very first time, Southwark has played an important role in her life.

You won’t be able miss Bridget walking along Stoney Street, with the Shard as a backdrop, and into Borough Market. Park Street and Southwark Bridge are also featured. And office scenes were filmed inside the Blue Fin building.

The film was shot around London mainly in autumn and winter last year. It’s opening next Friday, September 16th.