Camden plays along with the joke in David Brent: Life on the Road

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Trying to put Slough behind him, Ricky Gervais’s alter ego David Brent heads to Camden, in his new mockumentary feature film, opening on August 19th.

In pursuit of his rock and roll dream, Brent pays for the house, playing gigs shot last November in beloved venues The Barfly, Dingwalls and the Electric Ballroom. You’ll catch a glimpse of them in the trailer here.

Tattoo parlour to the stars Flamin’ Eight on Castle Road is of course where Brent chooses to get inked – where else?

Gervais has already posted Brent’s cringe-making music video, shot in Hampstead Heath, Lady Gypsy. Filmed in October last year, the stunning autumnal heath serves up the perfect Stevie Nicks pastiche.

Brent, now a tampon rep, (a travelling salesman of women’s hygiene products), cashes in his pension to fund the band tour. Awkwardness abounds as audiences fail to respond with enthusiasm for Foregone Conclusion.

The tracks are co-produced by former Razorlight drummer Andy Burrows who also plays a band member. And Peter Andre features in a cameo role.

Andy Burrows has said, “You have to have a real knowledge and love of rock music to be able to spoof it… these are really good songs. They’re also hilarious…

“… David Brent doesn’t think they’re funny. He thinks they’re important.”

FilmFixer manages the film office for Camden Council. FilmFixer director Karen Everett says, “Camden plays its part in the joke brilliantly. The movie sets up a complicated fourth wall: fans of David Brent of course love the gigs in real life, but have to pretend for the film that he’s tragic and desperate.

“It makes perfect sense that Camden’s seminal rock venues played the locations for David Brent’s awful gigs and painful attempts at a rock lifestyle. And Camden was really happy to play along.”