Merton Council, the media and Wimbledon tennis – its Love All of course

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Merton’s all set for the annual deluge of media and tennis fans. There’s Sally Nugent’s red sofa on BBC Breakfast, the pop up studio for Good Morning Britain’s Sean Fletcher and Laura Tobin, and Lorraine Kelly’s throwing a massive Zumba class with Maxine Jones.

On top of all this – reporters from around the world want to speak to those camping and queuing for tickets outside the All England Lawn Tennis Club.

Merton Council’s Film Office is busy assisting the media and protecting residents’ interests throughout The Championships. FilmFixer manages Merton Council’s film office, accommodating media needs efficiently, while minimising disruption to residents.

BBC Breakfast and Good Morning Britain will be based at Wimbledon Park throughout the tournament. We’re also arranging interviews with tennis players walking through local streets, magicians doing card tricks for those in the queue, and taking care of the international media, from as far as Tokyo and beyond.

Wimbledon’s first championship winner in 1877, Spencer Gore, wasn’t quite on the money, when he said lawn tennis was a bit boring and probably wouldn’t take off, adding, of any potential player, “in all probability the monotony of the game as compared with others would choke him off before he had time to excel in it.”

Merton residents can testify to quite how wrong he was. Residents should remember that if they have any concerns about filming at any time, they can call our 24-hour emergency number 07919 002 115.

FilmFixer director Karen Everett says, “We’re taking special care to support the media at this time. This is Merton’s annual close up – under the glare of the world’s cameras. It’s a really high-spirited two weeks and that’s the mood we adopt. But we are also very strongly focused on protecting and respecting residents.”