Brilliant Babylon is back on TV

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Following its pilot episode earlier this year, directed by Danny Boyle, the full six-part series hits TV screens from tonight at 10pm on Channel 4 – showcasing London magnificently.

Starring James Nesbitt and Brit Marling, the comedy drama plays with the difficulties of managing PR for a modern police force.

In tonight’s opening episode, the force helps out a private security firm coping with a riot.

The series makers filmed across many of our London client boroughs, making donations to resident groups whenever this was appropriate. We’ve really enjoyed our role in helping arrange locations – and we’re confident it’s going to look great.

Londoners will recognise scenes filmed in:

A donation was made toward the Marquess Estate’s summer community event, as thanks for filming on the estate.

And look out for Danny Fiszman Bridge near the Arsenal Stadium. Two youths cross the bridge, late for a football match, and are stopped by the police.

In Dulwich Park, police have to shoot an injured horse. There was also filming on Southwark Council’s roof terrace. And filming on the Brandon Estate led to a generous donation to the estate’s tenants and residents association.

On Railton Road you’ll see a police car is parked outside the Golden Canton (pulled up on pavement). The officer thinks an armed robbery is taking place so he enters the take-away and… we’re not telling you what happens next.

Parker House is converted into a police station.

On Royal Albert Way, a police car spots a suspect car and, giving chase, shows off some great stunts along the route.

A private FilmFixer location
You’ll also catch Butlers Wharf in Southwark, where the deputy mayor and head of police PR meet clandestinely before work. Why? You’ll have to watch to find out.

There’s more information here.