Location of the month – dino-tastic Crystal Palace Park in Bromley

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Filmmakers adore the diversity at this Victorian pleasure ground. From the views, the Great Maze and the island of concrete dinosaurs, to the vaulted underpass. One of our favourite shoots here was Rush, where they staged a re-creation of the race at which Niki Lauda and James Hunt first met. The meeting really did take place in the early Seventies when Crystal Palace Park was a racetrack.

London Fields, the adaptation of the cult Martin Amis novel, filmed here in July last year, starring Billy Bob Thornton and Cara Delevingne. Shot over three days, Crystal Palace Subway was converted into a trendy London restaurant. The Victorian underpass, with its amazing coloured brickwork vaulting, had been closed for several months to filmmakers, so we were delighted to have its full cinematic potential back. Opened in 1865, the Crystal Palace Subway connected a large rail terminus (demolished in the 1960s) to the Crystal Palace grounds.

London Fields also filmed on the extraordinary Dino Island – home to Crystal Palace Park’s fantastic Victorian concrete dinosaurs. The director loved the quirkiness of the location, using it as the backdrop to a conversation between two characters.

The 200-acre park was named after The Crystal Palace, dismantled in Hyde Park and rebuilt here after the Great Exhibition of 1851. However, it burnt down in 1936. From the quirky to the breathtaking, there are views across to central London, east to the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge and Greenwich and south towards Croydon and the North Downs.

Take a look at the trailer for Rush here.

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