The British Museum is starring in Night At The Museum 3

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Every night after closing for the past week, historical characters have come to life in incredible scenes at The British Museum.

Sound familiar? London’s real home of ancient treasures is the set for Night At The Museum 3, where stars including Ben Stiller and Robin Williams have been capering about, reprising their roles after dark, when all the visitors have left.

As well as the interior shoot, London managed to support filming outside the British Museum over two nights – from 8pm to 6am. In an impressive act of co-operation between Transport for London and Camden Council’s roads team, Great Russell Street closed to allow hoards of cast – and horses – room for the vast shoot.

FilmFixer arranged the shoot on behalf of client borough Camden. FilmFixer director Karen Everett praised the coordinated efforts, saying, “This huge production was able to get the best from one of London’s most iconic locations, thanks to a number of disparate agencies working supportively, together.

“Providing integrated access like this to big film producers is crucial for keeping London on the movie map.”