Working with Residents


Paddington is well known for his love of marmalade, his blue duffle coat and now – thanks to the recent hit film franchise – his home in the heart of Camden. The franchise has a pivotal, recurring location in the borough and in cases such as this, where filmmakers might return to the same site numerous times over a number of years, our role is to make sure that filming causes the least impact possible to local residents and businesses.

In Paddington’s case, the road where we find his front door has an active Tenants Residents Association. The residents in question understandably needed assurance that filming would not cause undue disruption to their everyday lives before it went ahead and so maintaining harmony here was vital to the production’s success. Cue, FilmFixer.

In the run up to Paddington 2, we embarked upon extensive stakeholder engagement months in advance of filming. Crew members were thoroughly briefed on good conduct and on minimising noise and light disturbance. Residents were provided with alternative parking and special access despite road closures. The filming went off without a hitch and after filming residents expressed their delight to the press. Given the scale of the production and the repeat nature of the filming, we couldn’t have asked for a greater success!