Filming at Heritage and Listed Buildings

Danson House Interior 1 c Hugh Sharma

FilmFixer is lucky enough to work with some of the most beautiful listed buildings across London and in Suffolk. These include the Grade I listed Boston Manor House (Hounslow), Danson House (Bexley), Helmingham Hall (Suffolk) and Crystal Palace Park Dinosaurs and Terraces (Bromley). Not only are listed buildings of huge cultural significance, they also make stunning film locations, for example, Danson House featured in the Oscar-winning sensation The Favourite. We are proud to see these locations rightly showcased on screen and, more importantly, that the income earned through filming contributes to their upkeep and preservation.

We want heritage venues to reap the financial benefits of filming, trusting that they will be handled with the utmost care. What this means in practice is that we get to know each site inside out with the help of relevant experts in the field. Then, we take filming requests on a strict case-by-case basis. We make absolutely sure that a production’s budget will cover the necessary care such as insurance, damage deposit, and reinstatement. We also make sure that their crew is sufficiently experienced.

Once filming requests have been vetted by us, we get provisional permission from the venue manager. Then we start consulting with the production to understand every last detail of their plan, leaving no stone unturned. This includes all the nitty gritty details such as positioning of equipment, set dressing, lighting specs and access plans. We identify red flags like naked flames, haze or smoke effects – fantastic when carried out safely, but rarely worth the risk at a listed building…!

Under our management, filmmakers have carried out reams of successful shoots at heritage sites and listed buildings, readily honouring our requests for diligence, care and attention to detail. The buildings are rewarded with good publicity, increased income and – in some cases – newfound fame! Long may it continue.