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Netflix’s ‘Everything Now’ captures Parkland Walk in drone shot

Islington, one of London’s most vibrant boroughs, has once again proven its mettle as a film-friendly location. This time, it played host to the recently released TV show “Everything Now,” a production that showcased the borough’s unique charm and versatility. One of the most striking aspects of the show was its aerial shots of Parkland Walk, a moment captured using a drone that truly elevated the viewing experience.



Before diving into the technically challenging drone shot, let’s offer a quick synopsis of “Everything Now.” The show, which has been well reviewed, follows Mia Polanco, who is released from hospital after a lengthy battle with anorexia and thrust back into the world of sixth form.

In what will no doubt be a distinctive show in “Everything Now” was an awe-inspiring aerial shot of Parkland Walk. This abandoned railway line turned lush greenway is nestled in the heart of Islington, offering a serene escape from the urban bustle. The drone shot provided a breathtaking view of this idyllic stretch of parkland with the show’s cinematographers capturing the park and general areas beauty from a fresh perspective.



The successful filming of “Everything Now” in Islington is a testament to the borough’s reputation as a film-friendly location. The borough has a rich cinematic history, and it’s no wonder why it continues to be a magnet for filmmakers. The diverse and dynamic neighborhoods, historic landmarks, and the strong community spirit make Islington a versatile canvas for any production.



An essential factor that ensured the success of “Everything Now” was the experienced locations team. Islington’s council and film office worked closely with the production to ensure that all necessary permits and logistical support were provided. This collaboration between the creative minds behind the show and the local authorities made for a smooth and efficient filming process, turning the borough into an integral character in the story.

In conclusion, “Everything Now” is a testament to Islington’s film-friendly environment and the magical experiences it can offer to viewers. The uniquie drone shot of Parkland Walk is just one example of how Islington’s unique character and natural beauty can enhance a story.