Bromley Cemeteries Open for Filming!

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The tranquil and historic cemeteries of Bromley are set to become the backdrop for cinematic endeavours.

Bromley Film Office, in collaboration with the Cemeteries team, is excited to announce the availability of these unique locations for filming, marking a significant expansion in their services. Location managers looking for serene spaces and picturesque natural environments in South East London now have a new array of options at their disposal.

Bromley’s cemeteries are renowned for their serene and peaceful ambiance, making them ideal settings for a wide range of film genres. Whether filmmakers are seeking a backdrop for a poignant drama, a mysterious thriller, or even a romantic scene, the cemeteries’ picturesque natural environments provide a versatile canvas. The carefully maintained landscapes, adorned with lush greenery, historic tombstones, and architectural elements, offer a visually stunning and emotionally evocative backdrop for storytelling.

While the cemeteries are now open for shoots, it is essential to emphasize the importance of respectful and considerate filming practices. Given the sensitive nature of these locations, filmmakers are urged to approach their projects with an understanding of the historical and emotional significance of the sites. Bromley Film Office and the Cemeteries team will work collaboratively to ensure that filming activities are conducted in a manner that preserves the sanctity of these spaces.

How to Book:

For filmmakers eager to utilize these newly available filming locations, the process is simple. Interested parties can contact FilmFixer by calling 020 7620 0391 or emailing to inquire about availability and secure their booking. The FilmFixer team is well-equipped to assist with the logistics of filming in Bromley’s cemeteries, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for all involved.