Award winning Atlanta shoots in London

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FilmFixer played its part in facilitating the London leg of filming for the fourth and final season of the US hit comedy-drama, ‘Atlanta.’ Created by Donald Glover, the acclaimed series the Guardian once called “the best show on TV” centres on college dropout and music manager Earnest “Earn” Marks (Glover) and rapper Paper Boi (Brian Tyree Henry) as they navigate the Atlanta rap scene. Atlanta’s smart, surreal take on life in modern America has been acclaimed by critics and received many awards and nominations,



In this the fourth and final series Earn and Paper Boi head to Europe, and the borough of Islington features with Amwell Street serving as a unit base for the production. North Road provided the parking area for the costume artic to unload at the production office and Clerkenwell Green also served as a parking zone for ten days around shooting in the area. Look out for the Crypt on the Green, whose stairs and door double up as an entrance to a basement club in Amsterdam. FilmFixer also helped facilitate lighting and parking here.

Over in Clerkenwell Green the Old Sessions House was used for a variety of interiors scenes using cranes, and the area also provided shoot and prep parking. Here we helped facilitate lane closures. In neighbouring Haringey, Finsbury Park was used as a unit base. Across in the borough of Camden a stylish property in Eglon Mews was used as the location for a get-together hosted by a billionaire. The borough of Barnet also features, with a restaurant in Vivian Avenue in Hendon being used for a dining scene. FilmFixer also facilitated traffic management for this scene, to allow for the external part of that shoot, with a character walking down the street.

As a sign of their appreciation the production made a donation to the Clerkenwell Preservation Society.