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#MentalHealthAwarenessWeek is now in its 22nd year and runs from 9-15 May. This year the theme is ‘loneliness’, which affects millions of people across the UK.

We at FilmFixer understand many of the pressures on our community and know that lots of professionals in our industry struggle with loneliness due to the nature of the work, which often keeps them from their social and family lives.
Several of our staff members are St John Ambulance-accredited ‘Workplace Mental Health First Aiders’ and are always happy to talk to our clients openly about their mental health.

Similarly, Film & TV Charity (@FilmTVCharity) have a 24/7 support line and live chat function which we promote in our email signatures and which can also be found here: www.filmtvcharity.org.uk/your-support/support-line/ or via 0800 054 0000

By coming together and talking about our experiences, we can help tackle loneliness and work towards better mental health for film and TV professionals.

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