Kingston University

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FilmFixer is delighted to announce that we are now exclusively managing all filming and photography at Kingston University in London!

Kingston University is comprised of multiple buildings across the Royal Borough of Kingston, including the three locations highlighted below. Each building has a unique design style, ranging from ultra modern to brutalist to Regency and Tudor. Moreover, the abundance of large spaces such as lecture theatres, studios, classrooms, offices, dining rooms, student bars and more offer numerous green room options to accommodate film productions of any size. To facilitate filming across these sites, Kingston University also has multiple unit base options and crew/tech parking areas.

Kingston Hill
The Kingston Hill campus has an incredibly diverse choice of architectural styles. These range from Victorian offices, Tudor-esque rooms and staircases, to ultra-modern cafes and atriums and amphitheatre-style auditoriums. Location spaces available for filming include: libraries, offices, lecture theatres, classrooms, canteens, bars, abandoned buildings, stairways, rooftops, car parks, common rooms, and even a hospital set.



Penrhyn Road
The Penrhyn Road campus design incorporates sweeping glass exteriors which give it a sleek city feel, as well as exterior areas that can double as paved squares, plus stairways and rooftops. It also features a variety of interior spaces which are perfect for film productions. These locations include: libraries, offices, lecture theatres, canteens, bars and classrooms, common rooms, dance studios and more.



Coombehurst House
This regency mansion building is situated within the Kingston Hill Campus. The attractive, characterful setting combines old and new architecture with spacious lawns. It’s currently being used as the music school but can be dressed as a stately home, old schoolhouse and government offices. A hilled drive leads to the forecourt of Coombehurst House, with a large studio opposite which can be used at green room space. There’s also a unit base on site to facilitate this location.



Kingston University also have their own instance on Filmapp which can be found here.

Our Private Locations team are here to help with any location brief so please feel free to send your enquiry to or call 020 3904 4545.