Islington – Archway Campus

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Introducing our brand new location in Islington – Archway Campus. This shoot space is a huge, versatile, multi-use location, available for long and short term hires with a unit base.

This very large site is spread across six buildings, all five stories high or more, plus basements. The site is a former hospital, which then turned into a medical university.

It is in a fantastic location, as it’s situated in Islington, and is close to the borders of Camden and Haringey too.







The space could double for a hospital, doctors, school, police station, community centre, municipal/general offices or sports centre, and can also be used for small set builds, holding space, crew car parking.

The unit base is around 1,500sqm/15,000sqft. On site we have a range of periods, styles and sized spaces, which cover:

• receptions
• offices
• hospital / doctors rooms and corridors
• waiting rooms
• sports hall
• lecture theatre
• “halls” style accommodations
• pharmacy
• labs
• security gates
• lobbies / entrance halls
• bathrooms, changing rooms
• canteen
• staircases of many different styles (council building; complex and winding; basement; spiral)
• underground tunnels
• clock tower
• balconies

The sports hall also can be used for small set builds.

Please take a look at the photos here to get an idea of the scale of this completely new location. This is just a fraction of the images and locations available.

For more information or to talk to use about using part of Archway Campus on your next shoot please contact us on 020 3904 4545 or email us at