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On Friday 7th Feb FilmFixer joined forces with the Camden Events team to talk generators

As an industry, we need to take responsibility for the environmental impact of our activities. Diesel generators are a huge contributor to film-related emissions and we want to start embracing all of the clean air alternatives out there. With that in mind, we invited a number of guest speakers to come and share their expertise on green alternatives to the traditional diesel genny.

The session was kicked off by Nicky Ezer – Senior Events Office for the London Borough of Camden. Nicky was followed by FilmFixer Chairman Andy Pavord, who raised the topic of introducing a generator levy to encourage green practices. After that, we were treated to a guest slot from five companies, each of which has its own unique way of providing greener power on set:

1. Tom Crooke from OnBio

Supplies 100% HVO renewable diesel to run generators and site machinery. Accompanied by Amelia Price (a former ALM and sustainability consultant)


2. Paul Day from Aquafuel

Provides glycerine generators and has achieved emissions free race cars for Forumula E


3. David Noble from Midas

Supplier of LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) generators, which are less harmful than traditional diesel gennys


4. Adam Baker from Green Voltage

Their VOLTstack generator is a revolutionary, emissions-free, silent power source


5. Robert Long, Nicholas Beatty, Arron Dowie, and Ben Hinchcliff from Zenobe

Supply, finance and own energy storage assets to reduce costs and emissions

The discussions that followed were engaging and interesting. Thank you so much to all those who attended, who asked questions and who offered opinions. We need to continue to be rigorous and proactive in our approaches to sustainability, and we hope that 2020 will bring a stronger commitment to eco-friendly practices across the industry.

Check out our sustainability page and get in touch with us to continue the conversation at info@filmfixer.co.uk

Andy Pavord, FilmFixer Chairman
The gathering at 5 Pancras Square