LocationFinder.ai – changing location search, beyond words

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Artificial intelligence meets image recognition software in this brand new location search engine from FilmFixer and IDS Image Data Systems.

LocationFinder.ai is an exciting new way to find that perfect location. Do you work with directors who love to use a mood board? Or maybe they send reference images that are impossible to match up with anything? Now you can simply upload an image to LocationFinder.ai or use a plug-in to select an image from the web. The search engine will give you options of real locations that match the look and feel of your image. It’s as simple as that.

LocationFinder.ai transcends language. It’s ahead of the game. It’s lightning fast. And it’s free to use for Location Managers.

Thanks to this ground-breaking technology, Location Managers will be able to get rid of endless keyword searches. 30,000 locations – over half a million images – will be visually searchable and accessible through one single site. FilmFixer’s borough locations appear alongside locations from all over the country and, increasingly, all over the world. Watch the video below to see how it works and register here to get started!