HM Prison Holloway Open For Filming

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Holloway Prison exterior

This week we’re excited to announce our management of the former Holloway Prison as a film location! The site was decommissioned in 2016 and is now owned by Peabody Estates. It will be available for interiors, exteriors and unit basing (check out the location listing) and we can’t wait to see its potential unlocked.

It’s got us thinking about prison dramas and their incredible power to spark conversations…

Most recently, Orange is The New Black has been capturing hearts worldwide. The show challenges the status quo; the writers have explored movements such as #MeToo and Black Lives Matter, whilst Laverne Cox earned the first ever Emmy nomination for a transgender person in the role of Sophia Burset. It is also credited as being a huge factor in Netflix’s explosion of popularity after its release in 2013.

Shows like The Wire and Prison Break have some of the most loyal fans out there and are consistently lauded for their storytelling.

And you’re never more than a couple of metres away from someone whose top film of all time is Shawshank Redemption (we haven’t fact checked that one but we’re pretty sure it’s got to be true, right?!)

So what’s our fascination with the topic?

The productions above – whilst different in a lot of ways – have a number of themes in common. Themes like justice, humanity, morality, time and space. Things that affect us all. We look forward to seeing what sort of compelling material HMP Holloway becomes the setting of in the near future. All we need now is you and your production!