Southwark and Lambeth locals get paid work on set

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Car commercial shoot in Southwark

Southwark’s Aylesbury Estate was used as a backdrop to a car commercial last Tuesday.

The production company also chose to film in Bermondsey Street, White Grounds Skatepark, Morocco Street and Leathermarket Street.   

St Mary’s Gardens in Lambeth was also used.

Two locals, Adisa Walker from Southwark and Kat Constantinidou from Lambeth, gained valuable work experience on set, working as set stewards for a day.  Their job was to make sure that passing pedestrians were kept from harm during filming.

In order to get permission to use the estate as a film location, Southwark and Lambeth Film Offices actively encouraged the production company to take on local trainees to work on set.

Sue Russo, FilmFixer’s training and development manager says: “When we are working with productions coordinating locations across London we are suggesting a tangible and meaningful way of engaging with local communities is to offer paid work experience to support the shoot. Many of our new entrants come from economically and socially diverse backgrounds, consequently their access to entry level routes into production roles are zero to none.”

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