Even Basil Fawlty would be impressed by John Cleese’s latest on-screen rant – filmed in London

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John Cleese’s latest epic rant was performed in Fitzroy Square, Camden over the summer, for the opening episode of the third season of Speechless, which starts on ABC in the US on October 5th.

You’ll catch his outburst here, in the second video of this Entertainment Weekly story.

FilmFixer manages the film office service for Camden Council. FilmFixer CEO Karen Everett says, “John Cleese sticks his head out the window of a location in Fitzroy Square and starts shouting at a tour bus. In the show, the tour stops outside his home, with a guide following the same script over a microphone, day in and day out, because some of Harry Potter was filmed there.

“Cleese’s daughter, played by Minnie Driver, is on the top deck of the bus. It’s a brilliantly awkward reunion after 20 years. Certainly the outburst is as angry and funny as anything Cleese might have delivered as Basil in Fawlty Towers.

“The production filmed over three days from late July to early August, inside and outside the Fitzroy Square location.

“BMA House on Tavistock Square doubles as Buckingham Palace, visited by the family. In the episode, it turns out that Kenneth, played by Cedric Yarbrough, loves all things royal. These scenes were filmed on a Saturday in August. At both locations, the cast and crew were just 50, which is impressively nimble for a big ABC show.”

Take a look here for more about the local filming.