Onscreen embrace of the year? Hugh Grant and Ben Whishaw in A Very English Scandal

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It’s possibly the onscreen embrace of the year – between Hugh Grant and Ben Whishaw in A Very English Scandal, starting Sunday May 20th on BBC One. Take a look at the trailer here.

FilmFixer manages the film office service for two London boroughs where the TV series shot, including the secret moment of passion between the stars on the Albert Embankment in Lambeth.

FilmFixer CEO Karen Everett explains, “Fifty cast and crew were involved in filming the romantic scene, in November last year, in a hidden corner on the Embankment. A restricted parameter meant the pair were protected from the public, and the paparazzi, for the shoot.

“This scene was set in the 1960s, with Hugh Grant playing real life leader of the Liberal Party Jeremy Thorpe, with Ben Whishaw as his alleged boyfriend at the time, Norman Scott.

“The Albert Embankment boasts an iconic London view across the River Thames to the Houses of Parliament and is no stranger to dramatic onscreen moments featuring romance… and scandal.

“It’s where David Oyelowo proposes to Rosamund Pike in Amma Asante’s A United Kingdom.

“Emily Watson and Ben Chaplin filmed a romantic clinch there for the TV series Apple Tree Yard.

“A little further along the river at Bankside is where Hugh Grant famously stuttered “I think I love you” to Andie McDowell in Four Weddings and a Funeral – for which he achieved a peck on the cheek.

“Ben Whishaw appeared along the Embankment in another series about a scandal, London Spy.

“And on a far less romantic note, Mark Strong filmed scenes from FOX spy drama Deep State there.

“A Very English Scandal explores the relationship that led to the 1970s trial of Jeremy Thorpe over a plot to murder Norman Scott. He was acquitted, but the scandal ended his political career.

“We were really happy that the production made a donation to locals via the Whitgift Estate tenants and residents association, by way of thanks.

“A scene was also filmed in Southwark’s St Aidan’s Road in East Dulwich, where a character was filmed speaking into the phone in a telephone box. This also involved 50 cast and crew, and the unit was able to base at Athenlay Football Club nearby.”