Camden residents receive £380,000 in film donations

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FilmFixer manages the film office service on behalf of Camden residents. We are pleased to confirm that between May 2013 and October 2017, FilmFixer directly paid Camden Council £2.5 million in revenues received through filming, as the council’s film service provider.

Furthermore, in that time FilmFixer has facilitated donations of over £380,000 to local charities, residents groups and special projects nominated by Camden residents. This is in addition to the £2.5 million in revenues paid to Camden Council.

Within this figure of £380,000 just over £40,000 has been paid directly to the tenants and residents association of the Alexandra & Ainsworth estate. Tenants and residents make their own decisions about how those funds are spent.

This figure of £380,000 does not take into account the vast amounts paid by film companies directly to Camden homeowners, businesses and individuals for their use of Camden locations. Nor does it include below-the-line production spend with local cafes, restaurants, caterers, transport facilitators and accommodation providers. It also doesn’t include the value of set visits, Q&As with top directors and producers for young people, on-the-job training for young people, and paid work provided by local productions.

Camden is also home to a large community of skilled film crew, actors and technicians who work incredibly hard to create the wonderful films and TV shows made in London, creative activity which is generally supported by residents, businesses, and councils.