The Mummy, starring Tom Cruise, swoops over Lambeth for thrilling scenes

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Lambeth helped Tom Cruise out with some of the most exciting sequences in The Mummy, which opens on June 9th. Take a look at the trailer here.

Traffic and passers by had to be managed during filming one Sunday in August last year, as scenes on Waterloo Bridge were filmed from a helicopter.

This is how it looked to passers-by on the day, here, here and here.

The production made a donation to Creative Sparkworks by way of thanks, a local charity that trains unemployed young people for jobs in the film industry.

FilmFixer manages the film office service for Lambeth Council. FilmFixer director Andrew Pavord says, “There were two main angles the production needed from the helicopter. One was an overhead shot of a convoy crossing Waterloo Bridge from a height of about 500 feet.

“The second was a low-flying panning shot of the vehicles, from about the same height as the bridge.

“The production managed to film what they needed in two hours. And in fact, in that timeframe, only half an hour of flying was needed.

“We were really pleased that the team made a donation to such a worthy cause as Creative Sparkworks, whose young people we seek to place as runners and marshals on productions whenever possible. It’s great to see films of this scale being shot in Lambeth, and contributing to the training of the next generation of film makers.”

The Mummy also filmed for five days in April last year, in the former Central St Martins building in Camden, which was dressed as a hospital, with 180 cast and crew.

And it took digital plates of Westminster Bridge, the Thames, Parliament and Big Ben from the Albert Embankment in Lambeth.