Follow the trail of Holmes and Watson across London in the new Sherlock

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With every year the excitement grows as fans from all over the world track any information they can find about filming, and head to London to catch a glimpse of the stars at work.

It’s not just the global fans who look forward to Sherlock on New Year’s Day. At FilmFixer, we look forward to helping out, with Camden’s North Gower Street playing 221B Baker Street.

This year, even more of London saw the action – with extensive filming in Lambeth and Southwark as well. Take a look at this behind the scenes, BBC One clip of the cast capering around Trinity Church Square and Borough Market in Southwark.

Borough Market, London Aquarium, the MI6 Building, Ofcom in Riverside House, the South Bank Centre, Jubilee Gardens, Golden Jubilee Bridge and Festival Hall all feature… along with bus stop G on Kennington Road in Lambeth. And of course 221B Baker Street is always played by North Gower Street in Camden.

In North Gower Street, it’s considered par for the course that throngs of fans will pitch up. But this year it was also felt particularly in Southwark’s Borough Market.

We saw Series Four filming between April and June this year, as Mary Watson is about to give birth, husband John is all set to become a father and Sherlock is looking forward to introducing his own logic to babysitting.

So, let’s begin our Sherlock tour in Lambeth, underneath the railway bridge on Miles Street, with John Watson, Mary Watson and Sherlock Holmes on their way to hospital – with Mary in labour. They’re not going to make it and have to pull over to the side of the road…

In Bonnington Square, Sherlock and John arrive in a taxi and head toward a run-down looking house. They ring the doorbell, the door opens to reveal Mary Watson and Toby the bloodhound.

We see Sherlock walking along Vauxhall Bridge, then running toward the MI6 Building. Outside the MI6 building, Sherlock is sitting on a bench thinking, then walking by the river, with the imposing MI6 building is behind him. Suddenly the clue clicks for Sherlock and he runs off towards the city.

There’s a hair-raising scene in the London Sea Life Aquarium near County Hall.

When Watson takes the bus to work, he gets it from Stop G on Kennington Road.

And there are many scenes around the iconic riverside locations of the South Bank Centre, Jubilee Gardens, Golden Jubilee Bridge and Festival Hall.

In Southwark’s Trinity Church Square, the heroes arrive in a taxi at the scene of a crime – a house break-in. There is dust and broken fragments from a stolen item on the road under a street lamp. They find a blood stained fragment and Toby the dog is given the scent. Toby leads the way (which forces John and Sherlock to race after Toby through Bonnington Square in Lambeth briefly).

Later, Sherlock, John, Mary Watson, and Inspector Lestrade are led by Toby the bloodhound along Stoney Street and into Borough Market.

In Southwark’s Ofcom building in Riverside House on Southwark Bridge Road, the heroes are apparently drugged, on saline drips. At one point we see Sherlock standing on the balcony of the Ofcom building.

But of course, it’s not a Sherlock without key filming on Camden’s North Gower Street as 221B Baker Street, with a limousine pulling up at one point, and also Mrs Hudson throwing down the keys to a red sporty number for John.

In Camden’s Byng Place, Sherlock and a character sit at a bus stop chatting and sharing a bag of chips from the stall parked up behind them. Sherlock is discussing the “note”.

FilmFixer manages the film office service for Camden, Southwark and Lambeth councils. FilmFixer director Andrew Pavord says, “The excitement for Sherlock seems to increase each year. It’s really something to see.

“I have to say this production was absolutely brilliant in balancing the needs of Londoners, who need to carry on with their home and work lives, with adoring fans, all on top of having to get a job done.

“Very generous donations were made to a Trinity Church Square residents association in Southwark and to the Vauxhall Gardens Estate Residents and Tenants Association in Lambeth by way of thanks. We know that resident groups put these donations to work for on behalf of all locals.

“Sherlock is a Londoner after all and we look forward to welcoming him home every year. When a production behaves considerately, in a well-managed fashion, London can handle the keen interest a franchise such as this engenders.”

Series four of Sherlock starts on New Year’s Day, 8.30pm, BBC1.