World domination starts with Haringey – on Humans

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The new series of Humans, starting on Sunday, has the synths heading their separate ways around the world, including, where else, but Haringey?

Here’s the trailer.

The drama begins in Berlin, where Niska (Emily Berrington) is blending in. But when she uploads the consciousness code, synths around the world, in Bolivia and the USA, become sentient.

Anita, played by Gemma Chan, is in Margate, or in fact, Hornsey’s Town Hall Annexe in Haringey, which acts a bank, when Anita comes in to chat with the cashier.

In Haringey’s Hatherley Gardens, we meet the new character Renie. It’s here that Toby is standing at the bus stop with his friend when he spots the “synth” girl – Renie – from his school walking past.

There’s more action in Gourley Place, as well as in Islington’s Golden Lane Estate.

Are the synths bent on world domination – or just taking a pop at Haringey?