HOFF course it’s a hit! David Hasselhoff is back as flailing version of himself

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David Hasselhoff’s TV mockumentary is back on Dave tonight in a new series – get ready for even more self-parodying mishaps.

The first series last year, with Hoff based in a down-market hotel in Sutton, saw him auditioning for the role of himself in a biopic – a part which he failed to land.

Tonight Hoff goes so far as to fake his own death, which inevitably backfires. The solution to this? Hoff goes into rehab and gets into selling confessional videos.

FilmFixer helped out in Kingston last September on the Old London Road, where the Hoff gets into a stretch limousine and takes off.

The series is a brilliant example of what’s possible on a small budget, with handheld or tripod mounted cameras.

FilmFixer manages the film office for south-west boroughs featured in the series.

FilmFixer director Karen Everett says, “The series is a brilliant inversion of how you might expect the industry to operate. Hoff’s unglamorous self-mocking show has been sold back into the US (to AXS TV), the market that made him an A-list celebrity, via BBC Worldwide sales.

“London’s outer boroughs are attracting stylish productions including Kevin Costner in Criminal and Meryl Streep in Florence Foster Jenkins. But we are also pleased to see Hoff embracing our native self-deprecating humour and exporting it back to America.”