The Bridge writer brings Scandi Noir to London in Marcella

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London’s ongoing creation of landmarks, its constant building, sits at the heart of a new thriller by the man who wrote iconic Scandi drama The Bridge.

Hans Rosenfeldt’s new eight-part police thriller, starring Anna Friel, starts on Monday on ITV. Take a look at the trailer here.

FilmFixer was delighted to support the project across six London borough film offices we support, and thrilled that Rosenfeldt was so inspired by our capital.

He recently told the Evening Standard, “I didn’t want to create something that was a translation of a Swedish show; so the places, people and colours of London are vital.

“I want it to feel like this story couldn’t be set anywhere else but London. We have quite a lot of twists and turns, but it is a faster paced show than The Bridge; you cannot really relax.”

Rosenfeldt said he, “jumped at the chance to work in London. It has been a dream to work here because London and British drama is what we compare ourselves to in Sweden.

“For me, London is a huge city. There are as many people living in London as there are in the whole of Sweden. We just can’t get those big city feelings in Sweden so that gives the drama a completely different edge.”

Filmed between November last year and March, scenes were shot across:

The Blue Fin building acts as HQ of the construction company.

You see Moncrieff Street and Cicely Road in Peckham.

A pawn shop on Rye Lane.

The carpark on Rye Lane, Peckham where a man is led on by a woman.

D&R Scaffold Group, on Consort Road in Peckham.

And nightclub scenes were filmed in Peckham’s Rye Wax.

Where scenes were filmed on the mezzanine of the National Theatre, Southbank.

Randall Road, towards Salamanca Street where a character is hit by a car.

The back entrance of Ashtar’s nightclub on Goding Street, near Albert Embankment.

Brixton Market and Healthy Eaters on Electric Avenue.

Hill House Apartments on Pentonville Road where police are called to investigate a crime scene.

Be At One, near Eversholt Street; The corner shop Capital Food on Eversholt Street; Plender Street and Kings Terrace.

Filming took place along Hornsey Lane where Marcella visits a home as part of her investigation.

Filming on Thames Road.

In Monday’s opening episode, we see that after 11 years’ away from the force, DS Marcella Backland is drawn back. The Grove Park Killer, her last case before she left to start a family, has returned.

Her previous lead suspect, Peter Cullen, is out of prison for manslaughter and now working in a bakery on a prison placement scheme. Nobody else on her team thinks it could be Peter, and Marcella’s lone wolf approach quickly alienates her.

Marcella’s also preoccupied with the breakdown of her 15-year marriage to Jason Backland. It’s a huge blow.

Marcella is seen crying in her bath, covered in mud and blood with a nasty gash on her forehead. But how has she come to be in this state?

And then there’s The Gibson family – one of the country’s largest property developers. Tension is rife as CEO Sylvie Gibson clashes with her errant stepson Henry over the best way to manage their development plans in Lambeth. Caught in the crossfire is Head of Legal, Jason, and Sylvie’s daughter and Head of Finance, Grace Gibson. We also meet Cara, a young, spirited woman who has devised a con to steal from people using the casual affairs app, Sinnr.