New Peter Pan filmed in Camden’s Great Ormond Street Hospital

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Great Ormond Street Hospital allowed a Peter Pan film crew on its premises for the first time ever, in scenes to be shown on ITV on Boxing Day.

The Camden hospital’s link to Peter Pan stretches back to 1929 when JM Barrie made a present of all rights to the story. This now means the hospital receives ongoing royalties from Peter Pan.

Just before Christmas in 1929, the cast of a London production of Peter Pan played out the nursery scene for children at the hospital, cementing the long-standing relationship between the story and children at the hospital.

ITV’s new film adaptation, Peter & Wendy, brought together stars including Stanley Tucci and Laura Fraser. Even Paloma Faith joins in with a turn as Tinker Bell.

In this film, 12-year-old Lucy Rose is about to be treated for her serious heart condition. The day before her operation, Lucy reads the novel Peter Pan to a crowd of sick children in the hospital. When she later falls asleep, Lucy dreams of a new twist on the story. So, the film cuts between Lucy’s real and fantasy lives.

Outside the hospital, an ambulance pulls up, as Lucy and her mother leave a taxi and head inside. And there was further Camden filming in Senate House.

FilmFixer manages the Camden Film Office. FilmFixer director Karen Everett says, “We were so happy to help with this special festive season production of Peter & Wendy.

“It’s wonderful to engage a new audience in the relationship between Peter Pan and Great Ormond Street Hospital.”

Paloma Faith has said, “I had experiences as a child going to Great Ormond Street for some minor things. It was quite astonishing to see how much they do and see the other children that were there.

“I’ve also since visited the hospital – when they get people from the telly to go in and talk to the kids. Because it’s boring in bed all day. All of those kids have still got attitude, they’re such amazing characters.”

She also connected in a special way to the story’s modern interpretation, adding, “Most people I know have been raised by single parent mothers. They are completely and utterly devoted and loyal to their mothers. That’s quite a common theme among friends of mine.”

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