Mass cooperation by Londoners turned the capital into Sixties Berlin for Guy Ritchie’s Man From UNCLE

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Russia cooperates with its Cold War enemy, America, in Guy Ritchie’s upcoming action comedy The Man from UNCLE. In a massive act of cooperation, a plethora of London authorities and residents partnered to make key sequences of the film possible.

It opens on August 14th – here’s the trailer.

Over six chilly weeks in autumn 2013 complicated stunt sequences in speedboats, with a truck landing on a boat, chases, gunfire and explosions, were all filmed at Millennium Mills and Royal Docks in East London. The production built its industrial backdrops there as well.

This was only possible with the consent of residents, along with, the Greater London Authority, the Met Police, City Airport, Newham Council, University of East London, and the ExCel Centre.

FilmFixer coordinated all the partners and pulled the logistics together. FilmFixer director Karen Everett adds, “One of my favourite moments was a set visit arranged for local young people involved in the Community Links programme. We were able to show them around as part of an introduction to working in the film business.

“Our role was to be the central point of contact for all partners. From the clearance and preparation of the site, to ensuring everyone was part of the conversation about night filming in and around the dock.

“Good consultation was essential to bring everyone together to green light the shoot. I’m very proud of the work across so many permitting authorities to make the amazing action sequences possible around the Royal Docks. It simply couldn’t have been done without a huge amount of negotiation and goodwill on the part of everyone involved.”

Mark Walledge, who worked on the production said, “The team was fantastic, providing 24/7 management of our production’s needs. These were significant – being a team of 120, filming over six weeks and at night. FilmFixer worked tirelessly to manage our demands and those of the multiple stakeholders. Without this coordinated approach, the location simply would not have worked.”

Another key location for the film was Padfield Road and neighbouring streets in Lambeth, which the team turned into early Sixties Berlin for a few days, filming interiors at South East Taxis and an adjoining business. It featured characters talking inside while they’re being watched from underneath a railway bridge, and cars speeding out of the garages.

Karen Everett continues, “Local residents were extremely welcoming of this big shoot in Lambeth, with all the celebrities in tow. The whole community pulled together to make it possible.”

The film is based on the Sixties TV series, and stars Henry Cavill, Armie Hammer, Elizabeth Debicki, Alicia Vikander and Hugh Grant. The joint mission wants to stop a mysterious international criminal organisation that’s built an atom bomb.

“It’s a slick film, and a lot of fun, something Londoners can be proud to have helped bring to the screen,” finishes Karen Everett.