A hit with the locals: Channel 4’s Humans made donations to local charities

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Channel 4’s robot drama Humans last night attracted over 4 million viewers – up more than 200% on the broadcaster’s slot average. The show has proved to be its biggest original drama since the current TV ratings system started in 2002.

The production filmed across Islington, Southwark and Lewisham.

As part of its agreements, the filmmakers provided donations to local good causes including Headway East London; Clerkenwell Sheltered Housing; and Dulwich Helpline & Southwark Churches Care.

In Lewisham’s Horniman Gardens the synths head to a rendezvous site, but the police catch up with them there.

On Overhill Road in Dulwich, Southwark, two characters bump into each other and chat.

In Islington, the inside of the Wenlock and Essex pub on Colebrook Row is used.

The St Johns Laundrette on St Johns Street was transformed into a 24-hour Synth Charge, where characters get their robots charged up.

And a synth charging booth was also installed in the Diamond newsagent on Essex Road, where a character tries to re-charge herself, but finds the booth is broken.

A number of scenes were filmed on Roberts Place, where a building acts as the exterior of a strip club. When a robot kills someone, the police arrive to investigate, pushing a reporter to the ground in the melee.

It’s adapted from a Swedish series by Spooks writers Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley.
Starring William Hurt, Katherine Parkinson, Colin Morgan, and Gemma Chan, Humans is set to have millions of us gripped for the rest of the series.

Here’s the trailer.