Pierce Brosnan brings out the big guns, on the rooftop of Albert Barnes House, in his new thriller Survivor

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Pierce Brosnan plays a scowling bad guy for a change, in the thriller Survivor, up against Milla Jovovich, who’s a US security agent gone rogue. They tear around London in a load of action-packed scenes we helped to arrange, before the plot moves to New York.

Take a look at the trailer here.

Brosnan crouches on the roof of Albert Barnes House in Southwark with a high velocity rifle, shooting a gas explosive device on the roof of the Heygate Estate.

In Lambeth, the Milla Jovovich character is on a motorbike charging across Waterloo Bridge.

London at Christmas is established in shots on Monmouth Street, Seven Dials, Shorts Gardens and Earlham Street in Camden.

Also in Camden, characters come and go from a hotel in Bedford Place, with plain-clothes police officers watching.

You’ll spot Queen Square Gardens, the paved area south of gardens, the south arm of Queen Square, the Mary Ward Centre main and side entrances and Old Gloucester Road.

Two characters leave a mausoleum in the park, and break in to the apartment building, Mary Ward Centre, via a service door. Then, one is chased out of the building and hit by a police car, before more police cars speed on to the scene.

At St Pancras station, Milla Jovovich arranges to meet a friend, with the authorities close behind. She escapes onto the underground.

And the Institute of Education and SOAS on Russell Square acts as the US embassy.

FilmFixer director Karen Everett says, “This big spy thriller shows how well London can operate as a setting, for action ranging over diverse locations. Through co-ordinated management, differing authorities and diverse communities can work together to help bring these gripping scenes to the screen.”