Kingston plays Nurse with Paul Whitehouse

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Paul Whitehouse’s humane and funny take on mental health care was partly shot in Kingston’s Cambridge Road Estate last summer.

The four-part TV series, adapted from a Radio 4 show, starts tomorrow night on BBC2 at 10pm. You might recognise Cambridge Road Estate at the start of the trailer here.

A donation to residents went toward an internet café. Residents Association chair Harry Hall says the café provides four computers with free internet access.

Paul Whitehouse, with his brilliant capacity for character roles, plays almost all the patients of Liz (Esther Coles) – a kindly community nurse.

They range from Graham, a morbidly obese, bed-ridden man with an unhealthy dependency on his mother, to Ray, a has-been pop star who had a huge Christmas single in the 1960s that is still a hit in Germany every year and who now suffers from “post-nasal depression”.

There’s also Billie the agoraphobic ex-con, Herbert the ageing rake, bipolar Ray, and Lorrie who suffers from schizophrenia.

Whitehouse has said, “The mental health element of it allows us to express deep-rooted issues that affect us all. We like to think these characters will strike a chord, because we are all there or thereabouts. It’s more about the state of the nation and the lives we lead now.”

Well, certainly the community of Cambridge Road Estate was happy to play its small part, so keep an eye out for Kingston.