Location of the month – gothic revival and neoclassicism in West Norwood

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Lambeth’s extraordinary West Norwood Cemetery offers 40 acres of picturesque locations on a gently rolling hill with views over South London.

The Victorian era lawns, and gothic revival architecture are laid out alongside an exceptional neoclassical Greek Orthodox necropolis. It’s said to have the best collection of sepulchral monuments in London.

The entrance gate railings remain historically accurate spice brown. The high railings and walls were initially designed to deter body snatchers.

In the crypt underground, lead lined coffins are stacked up on top of each other.

However, a word of warning, filming can take place here only if it will not damage the fragile structures. And please be aware that the management of the cemetery does have final say over what films can be shot, for example anything deemed to be disrespectful would not be permitted.