Lambeth and Camden set the scene for heart stopping action in 24: Live Another Day

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Kiefer Sutherland explodes back onto our small screens this month in the latest of the hit series 24: Live Another Day.

After four years off the grid, Sutherland’s character Jack Bauer surfaces in exile in London, risking his life to protect the world from another disaster. A multitude of thrilling sequences has given FilmFixer the opportunity to mine a fantastic selection of our locations.

The action has taken filming to Albert Square, the Mursell Estate, and around Kennington tube station in Lambeth. Also along Camden’s canal towpath, Water Lane, a Network Rail workshop near Kentish Town Lock and the west side of Lincoln’s Inn Fields.

FilmFixer director Karen Everett said, “We’ve really enjoyed watching our locations brought to life with some fantastic stunts and action sequences. London’s proving itself, yet again, a thrilling backdrop to high-octane drama.”

The new series airs on Sky1 HD on May 7th at 9pm, but super fans will also be able to watch the first episode alongside Fox’s US East Coast fans on the morning of May 6th at 1am. Here’s the extended trailer, as Jack Bauer arrives in London…