Croydon gets hot, hot, hot in Cuban Fury, opening today

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Croydon’s gooey centre is revealed in the ideal Valentine’s Day rom-com, Cuban Fury, opening in cinemas today.

It stars Nick Frost and Rashida Jones; here’s the trailer

Various locations were used in Croydon, (now a FilmFixer client borough), including Fairfield Halls, which became the backdrop to a series of 1980s flashbacks as well as the venue for the big Salsa dance competition.

The production team had to paint the corridors and dressing rooms at Fairfield Halls a suitably ’80s colour, which turned out to be a big job. But the Fairfield Halls team welcomed the transformation. Ninon Jerome, Head of Artistic Planning at Fairfield Halls told Film London, “We were happy for the team to do this. They were extremely considerate and painted everything back in the original colour. We were glad to work with such a thoughtful and professional team.”